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Top 10 countries for International Adoptions by Americans 2005 to 2009

April 26, 2010

I found this info and post on Jason Kovacs blog Abba Fund.

In 2009 these were the top 10 countries for international adoption (notice the dramatic difference in just 3 years):

China: 3,001
Ethiopia: 2,277
Russia: 1,586
South Korea: 1,080
Guatemala: 756
Ukraine: 610
Vietnam: 481
Haiti: 330
India: 297
Kazakhstan: 295

These were the numbers in 2005:

China: 7,903
Russia: 4,631
Guatemala: 3,783
South Korea: 1,628
Ukraine: 824
Kazakhstan: 755
Ethiopia: 442
India: 323
Colombia: 287
Philippines: 268
(Haiti was No. 11 with 234)

Source: U.S. State Department

Basically a 50% drop in International Adoptions because the countries are becoming harder to adopt from. Tighter restrictions are being put in place and a bias by large and influential org’s against international adoption have impacted the numbers as well.

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