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Financial Update & HUGE Prayer Request

June 3, 2010

First, We have met our goal of $23,255!

Let me say on behalf of Ashleigh, we have been so encouraged by the out pouring of generosity from our friends, family, and strangers these past 90 days. It has been so cool to be on this end of this experience.

  • 92 Donations
  • 22 Strangers
  • 19 States
  • 6 Countries
  • 4 Continents
  • $15,887 raised!

Second, we have experienced an unusual amount of unexpected financial expenses the last 10 days.

  • Washing Machine went out – $575
  • Hot Water Heater went out – $255
  • Our Van Sliding Door Broke – $1,000 to 2,000 estimated? (no current plans to repair unless the door fairy comes one night)

Third, airline tickets are no joke.

They are about $4,500 more than we initially budgeted. We can get closer to our budget if we travel longer. So instead of leaving Monday the 14th and returning Friday the 18th, if we left the Friday 11th and returned Monday the 21st, we could be much closer to our budget. That scenario puts us away from JAC, Charis, and Jones for much longer than desired and increases expenses on the other end for hotel, food, etc.

There is an opportunity that we have that can solve both of these issues and we need prayer.

We have been offered Delta Buddy Passes from a dear friend. These are not free, but the cost of these, coupled with an adjoining flight we need to purchase would actually put us about $200 under our original budget.

Here is the catch, there has to be open space on the flights to use these passes. No open space and then we could end up spending even more than the extra $4,500 we would spend today to secure a ticket.

So we are asking each of you pray.

Pray specifically that Ashleigh and I both will be able to fly Delta Flight 8 from Atlanta to Dubai on June 12th.

  • Currently there are 37 Open Seats and 10 people ahead of us on stand-by

Pray specifically that Ashleigh, Abigail, and I will all be able to fly home Delta Flight 7 from Dubai to Atlanta on June 19th.

  • Currently there are 76 Open Seats and 8 people ahead of us on stand-by

Join us in trusting God that He has provided so much, challenged us to raise so much, and showed us this opportunity to trust in Him alone (and a Delta Sky Cap or two), to get us to our little girl!

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  1. June 3, 2010 10:29 am


  2. Nicole permalink
    June 3, 2010 7:09 pm

    The Waldos will be praying! James got a job this week after over a year, so it’s a good month for miracles!

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