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Crunch time…

June 10, 2010

As you can see…it’s a little difficult finding time to blog right now!  We are in the midst of serious crunch time.  We fly out Saturday and after a pit stop in Dubai to some great friends (check their blogs out here and here) we will arrive in Ethiopia Tuesday night Addis Ababa time.

I (ashleigh) was in Texas with the kids for a few days with my mom and just got back to Memphis last night.  When we walked in the house, we discovered that some sweet friends had cleaned, organized and decorated to help us get ready for Abigail to come home!!!  Jac noticed every detail – the new pillows on the couch, the bow holders for Charis, the towel rack in the kids bathroom…he just kept saying, “These people are SO NICE!”  What a fun surprise and continued evidence of how crucial community is in this process.

Things like that are so humbling and so encouraging all at the same time – THANK YOU friends.  You know who  you are.

So today I’ve been throwing things in ziploc bags (still not convinced this is a space saver…time will tell) and trying to organize what goes in what bag.

This is what my dining room table looks like right now…

It only took me 4 stores to find the perfect chocolate baby doll for Abigail…

We are so close!!!  We will have internet access at our guest house in Ethiopia and should be able to update the blog throughout the week.

Oh, and if you’re interested at all in the packing lists I’m pulling from…check them out here and here and here.

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