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Project Stay at Home

August 5, 2010

It’s been a little quiet on this blog…that’s because the house has been anything BUT quiet.  For the last two weeks we have been on “Project Stay at Home”, which basically means we tried to hunker down as much as possible to help Abigail continue to adjust to her new home and family.  The rules were flexible, but basically entailed Abigail being home at all times, with only one other person (Megan) as a babysitter when needed, limited visitors, etc.

Abigail had been doing great up until then, but we felt like these steps would be beneficial for her down the road.  It was a GREAT decision.  Her sleep habits have drastically improved, she has had only a few time outs in two weeks, the meltdowns are very quick now and few and far between.  She just seems like she’s found her rhythm with this crazy bunch.  So thankful for good friends who helped with meals, taking big kids for play dates, prayers, emails…could NOT have done this alone.

And honestly, it was good for ME to just be home for a while.  I tend to think I need to entertain my children as much as possible and feel the pressure to fill their days with outings and errands.  It was nice not to have the pressure and to even let them get…BORED…(gasp)…every once in a while.  I think it helped their creativity and proved to be restful for them as well.

Our days have been filled with play doh, movies on pallets, make believe, puzzles, coloring, pasting, stickers, connect the dots, pool time, playing in the sprinkler, making cupcakes, reading books, learning to make our beds, and learning to work together.  And in just a few days, SCHOOL STARTS!!!  I feel like since tomorrow is Friday, we’ve basically made it!

Jac will be starting Kindergarten at Downtown Elementary Monday morning and Charis will be back in her same class at Perea Preschool – only as a four year old!  And with much debating and prayer, we’ve decided to start Abigail in a 3 year old class at Perea as well.  We LOVE this school.  They have become a huge part of our lives here in Memphis.  So before we even knew when we were going to pick Abigail up I made sure she had a spot for the fall knowing that we could just wait and decide when the time came.

Perea has been so flexible with us and has basically told us we could have a “soft start” with Abigail and just see how she does.  I really think she’s going to love preschool there.  And REALLY love that she gets to go to school like her big brother and sister.  But if after a couple of weeks we feel like it’s better to keep her home, we have total freedom to pull her out.  Excited to go backpack shopping with the girls tomorrow!

Abigail does LOVE to get in her pink carseat and hit the road…I’m sure she’ll be just as excited to get out and about as I am!

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